fursuits, cosplay, & mascot costumes by b3mascots.com!

interested in a commission quote or more info? drop me an email here!
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hmm, i haven’t given anything away in a while!
want to win this 24” foxtail? here’s how:

follow me on instagram!: instagram.com/joecifur
and leave a comment on the fox tail giveaway entry, here!
aaand live in the US (sorry, int’l people)!
aaaaand and be over 18, or have your parents’ permission!

ends sept. 24th at 6EST; more details on the links above.
thanks for looking, and there’s more tails like this one in my etsy shop!

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Just finished this tiger head for Lee Taiger. Suuuuuuuper happy with how it came out.

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hi TUMBLR! i’m currently taking offers on my kingdom hearts sora lion cub cosplay fursuit as the original buyer couldn’t come through for the commission. this is a brand new, professionally made, unworn-except-for-photos costume. will sell outright for $2200, but will consider all reasonable offers — hit me up via FA or via email to orders at b3mascots.com.

exact sizing info & other details are here on my FA, too. THANK for look. :D

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falco preview! this is the summer of cosplay commissions.

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i must ask, you make such wonderful fursuits for other people, do you have your own fursuit?

thanks! :D

i have one personal suit right now! fat collie the fat collie.

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finished! sora lion from kingdom hearts. i love doing cosplay commissions. :D

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Fursuit Maker

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commission for tekfox!

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finished commission for saber_glo! see her at fwa. :]

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Im on a roll today CANT STOP WONT STOP.


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