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falco preview! this is the summer of cosplay commissions.

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i must ask, you make such wonderful fursuits for other people, do you have your own fursuit?

thanks! :D

i have one personal suit right now! fat collie the fat collie.

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finished! sora lion from kingdom hearts. i love doing cosplay commissions. :D

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Fursuit Maker

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commission for tekfox!

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finished commission for saber_glo! see her at fwa. :]

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Im on a roll today CANT STOP WONT STOP.


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soon it will be saber kee kee time

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wren!! he is the first head with 3d resin eyes i have made in a loooong time, and the first LED eyes i have made in even longer! needless to say, i did a lot of new stuff for this guy, as most of my methods for doing those things were way out of date. i had a lot of freedom with this one and really enjoyed making it, so i hope it shows.

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so while i post my finished work here on tumblr, if you really like to see pictures of disembodied cartoon cat heads, pattern drafting work, foam building, and other various fleecy guttings, you should follow me on instagram

my instagram is where i post WIP feeds of each suit i make and do my best to answer people’s construction questions along the way. i’ve been making suits for almost ten years now, so while i can’t do everything, i like to think i’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve that might could help some people out. :j